The Sym-tech advantage

Concrete: A Durable Material

In addition to being soundproof, fireproof and highly durable, concrete requires no special maintenance. Our strict quality control procedures produce uniform, high quality parts.

Project Phases

Our dynamic and professional team will guide you step by step through your project. SYM-TECH offers technical support from start to finish. An on-site measurement service is also available. Technical drawings are provided to help us meet your needs and installation plans facilitate on-site installation. A complete inspection at the end of the project can be carried out by our qualified technicians.

Colours and Finishes

In general, all of our products are available in three base colours with a light sandblasted finish. We can also create custom colours and finishes to meet the specific needs of your project.


Our parts can be structural or decorative, depending on the project. We generally use steel reinforcements and sometimes fibreglass rods for standardized parts cut on the job site.

Sym-Tech Certifications

  • We meet the requirements for precast concrete set out in the CSA A23.4 and CSA251 standards
  • LEED: Our products help obtain credits for LEED certification