Useful Information


To avoid construction delays for customers and their subcontractors, and for the benefit of all parties, we ask that customers give us at least 72 hours notice before receiving a delivery.



Once materials have been delivered, the pallets must be stored at least 3’’ off the ground and away from plants and other materials to avoid staining. The merchandise should also be covered with polyethene for storage. Like all concrete, our products should not be exposed to de-icing salts or snow containing salt.



Our products should be protected against damage at all times. Make sure corners and edges are protected during installation. Protect against stains and avoid damaging the finish.



The mason should refer to the installation plans provided to avoid errors and ensure the parts are positioned properly. Copies of the installation plans can be found in pockets inserted on the pallets (see the delivery slip to learn which pallets). A copy is also sent to the customer via email. Installation techniques should comply with the requirements of the standards set out in the National Building Code of Canada.



Important: Test all cleaning products before application to prevent abrasion or staining. Temperature, humidity and cleaning method affect the final look and colour of the parts. We recommend gradually removing excess mortar during the installation to minimize the need for cleaning. Acid-based cleaners are not recommended and may alter the colour or finish of the parts. Proper cleaning and maintenance are necessary to honour the warranty.


Useful Information

SYM-TECH products are manufactured from +/- 70% natural aggregates. Consequently, colours may vary slightly in shade by 5-10% and may not form the basis of a claim or complaint.

Certain products may exhibit efflorescence following problems with humidity or water infiltration. This is a simple white crystalline deposit on the surface of the concrete. This phenomenon is beyond our control and characteristic of all quality products composed of cement powder and aggregates.

Manufacturing time: Begins upon receipt of all production documents, including the purchase order, signed and sated price agreement, signed approval drawings, colour approval, complete measurements, and a 30% deposit payable before the work begins. If certain documents, information or measurements are missing, production may be delayed.


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